Getting the creative juices running!


Enough is enough

Arrrrgggghhhh… Creating is hard. Even writing a blog post sometimes just feels like climbing Mount Everest. Some days it just flows. On other days, it feels like words and ideas are floating in my mind yet when I try to structure them into a post, even into a sentence, all these ideas float away. How incredibly frustrating! But eventually some thoughts do catch up with my slow to type fingers and a little grit and inspiration gets the work out there like this one today (Yaaaay celebrate small victories in life).  Although, Sigh… Too bad for all my other snippets of wisdom and blog posts that just didn’t take form… *Yet*

I find myself in the same situation when writing music but it’s actually much worse. Often, once a small melody or idea starts to appear in my mind, before I even try to put it into music or writing… FEAR completely shuts it down. Even before the idea is planted has time to grow and mature into a work, it gets ripped out by the mean green “I’m not good enough” conversation going on in my mind. Not only is this frustrating but it’s absolutely crushing to know you feel you have something to express, share, create  deep inside and you just let it sit there and rot inside you.

Well my dear friends, this stops NOW! That is right, I’m done with wallowing in self pity, frustration, envy and Fear! I’ve decided I’m going to bring out all that Rotten Crappy Creative energy that’s been sitting inside of me for too long!

*Pause for dramatic effect*

Okay, now if we cut out the theatrical bullcrap : by “bring out the Rotten Crappy creative energy,” I mean acknowledge all those raw ideas (both musical and other), those unedited snippets of thought and inspiration I’ve always wanted to put out but never found “worthy” to be put down on paper… *yet*… I want to at least give them a chance and at least plant those seeds of inspiration. Even if nothing comes out of them, at least I would have given them a chance instead of letting them fall into complete oblivion.

“That’s nice… But how are you going to do that?”

Simple really… By setting up another great personal challenge 😀 (I’ve officially baptized 2017 to be the year of personal Challenges!)  : 15 minutes a day of free and recorded improv’s for 30 days. Whether good or bad, I just let the ideas flow and hopefully collect as much “creative data” as possible. Test out the seeds before selecting out the potential good ones… Who knows, a new masterpiece may come out of this challenge… (hem hem…) But most likely, nothing grand really but the most important thing that I hope to accomplish with this challenge is simply to finally start creating.

If you enjoyed this post and want to support me in this little experiment, like the post or leave a comment to let me know and who knows I may share one of my grand creations with you in a few days… 😉





6 thoughts on “Getting the creative juices running!

  1. Great idea! And please do share your creations with us:-) Sharing is half the fun! Also, huge props for facing your fears and writing/composing in spite of the resistance. Too many people feel exactly as you do, and do nothing about it.


  2. Also – I’m getting ready to embark on some research for a new project of my own, and if you’re up for it, I’d love to pick your brain a bit re: your creative struggles, because, as I’ve mentioned, I think they’re pretty representative of the obstacles artists face in general. Any chance you’d be able to do a super-casual, 15-minute skype call with me? If so, just email “Yes” to, and I’ll send you a link to my calendar so we can schedule something. Cheers!


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