Why the new blog is taking FOREVER to build


Apologies for not posting more often lately! My energy has gone more towards working on my next blog but it is taking far more time than I expected. Here’s why :

  1. I’m a real techno-dummy. I decided about 2 months ago I wanted to create a new blog which was more focused on music and a bit less on what popped into my head at any given moment. But I wasn’t happy with using wordpress anymore as a CMS (Content Management System. I had to ask my dear tech-savey boyfriend to tell me what that was and let me know there are other options out there!) I wanted to find something less limitingespecially if I was going to share some of my improvs from the 30 day improv challenge I did a few months ago. So I decided to try out different CMS such as concrete 5, Joomla, Drupal…
  2. I’m an impatient one at that. Here’s the thing : I want the amazing blog layout and content but I want it quick and easy. Unfortunately, things don’t work that way. Especially when learning and testing out a new system, it’s like learning a new language, it takes time to figure out where things are and you learn mostly through trial and error. Unfortunately, I’ve not been blessed with that kind of  patience so I dabbled with a few systems without fully learning any of them and with no real results…
  3. I’m now taking time to really Learn how to use my new CMS. I eventually settled on using Drupal after short and disappointing tries at Concrete 5 and WordPress again. But this time, I’m doing it right… How to books, Video tutorials, the whole shebang. I’m developing this skill now because I know it will serve me in the future to design professional sites (a music school, personal artist portfolio…)
  4. I don’t know exactly what I want the content of  my blog to be : I’m torn between starting a niche blog VS a general Lifestyle blog, a professional blog VS a personal blog. In an ideal world I’d like to do 4 different sites/blogs that focus on each one of these but I know myself enough to know that 1 site will be already hard enough to manage and develop for now.
  5. I still don’t have a clear idea of the structure of my blog. Any structure for a site should be well thought out beforehand to best fulfil the users’ needs or else, prepare for a very complicated and inefficient website! Content and Structure go hand in hand. Hence, once I figure out the purpose and content of the blog, the structure will naturally flow I hope…

butterfly and cocoon

Please bear with me in this long process. I’m happy to say things are progressing well and I’m truly enjoying learning this new skill. I’m fixing the deadline to be the 31st of July to publish and share with you my new site! With the help of a supportive and techy boyfriend as well as a new accountability team, I’m hoping to launch the new blog in time!!!


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