Creating meaningful content takes time


Miserable fail

So I guess I failed… Completely failed to give myself an achievable goal for setting up the new blog. So if you read my previous article, in all of two weeks I was expecting and committing to :

  • Watch 4+ hours of tutorial on how to Use Drupal and Read a book on the matter
  • Choose my theme
  • Design the entire structure of the blog around said theme
  • Set up the menus and pages in the structure
  • Write up the content for all the important pages
  • Select, re-edit and post a few selected articles from my old blog to my new blog
  • Write and post another 10 music related articles for the new blog (okay maybe not ten but I wanted to post a few new articles…)
  • Fix all the “small” glitches on every view of the new blog
  • Learn HTML and CSS basic skills
  • And MUCH MUCH more…

Does anyone else see the problem here? So ok I may have had just a few unrealistic ambitions. Wanting my blog to look amazing and the content to be meaningful and awesome but forgetting the most important : these things take time… LOTS of it.

There is so much I still need to learn before really presenting this “musical” blog to you in the way it can serve me and you, the readers, best.

Setting unrealistic goals really got me discouraged after the high of the first few days. I spent most days, procrastinating on the blog “work” because I really knew there was so much to do and that I would not be able to set anything up in the timeframe I gave myself. Also the fact that I had no idea where to BEGIN when I started working on the blog did not actually help.

Lessons learned

Soooo after my big time fail of the previous challenge, I learned some valuable lessons and implemented new “rules” for the project :

  1. No deadlines : I have come to accept that creating something new takes time… and how much of it, I cannot really say so I’m just go with the flow and I guess you will have to learn the important value patience along with me 🙂
  2. Divide and conquer : I’ve basically broken up all my weekly goals that I want to accomplish for the blog in 30 minute chunks because I realised, any more than that, I started to get frustrated and discouraged.
  3. I got an accountability buddy… or 3 : one of my friends checks out the site every evening which really helps me keep things moving forward however slow the progress. On top of this, I also share weekly goals for the blog with two other people from the Live Your Legend facebook group I’m in.
  4. Talking about my future blog to other people : One important lesson I learned was the more I shared this idea of a blog for musicians with people, the more people were enthusiastic and curious about it. It made the feel REAL to me plus it also allowed me to start creating a list of followers… (why does it feel like I’m creating a sect and inviting people into it when I call them that? Oh well…)

So here goes! With these new set of rules, we’ll see how things progress… I will let you know how the process is going from time to time and will still be posting some other random fun articles for you in the meantime.


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